Cheap Troy Bilt Snowblowers, Snow Blowers and Snow Throwers for Sale

Troy Bilt snowblowers offer a wide range of solutions to different individuals, as well as for commercial snowblowing needs. They make both cheap and affordable single-stage snowblowers, as well as massive, behemoths for commercial use that rank amongst the largest snowblowers on the market. (Continued below).

Troy-Bilt Snow blower
Troy-Bilt Snow blower
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Troy-Bilt Squall Snowblower
Troy-Bilt Squall Snowblower
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Troy Bilt Single Stage Snowblower

Troy Bilt makes a single stage snowblower, the Squall 2100 Snow Thrower, that's very cheap for a homeowner looking to purchase a machine. It has a 21 inch clearing width and features a 4 cycle engine, so you don't have to worry about mixing oil and gas. The Troy Bilt single stage has 180 degree chute rotation and has a 10 inch intake height. It's great when you don't receive the harshest of winters but are sick of shoveling!

Troy Bilt Two Stage Snowblowers

There are several different two stage snowblowers from Troy Bilt for individuals. These are:

  • Storm 2410 Snow Thrower: With a 21 inch clearing width, the Storm 2410 is the smallest two-stage snowblower from Troy Bilt. Great for moderate climates and reasonably sized clearing distances.
  • Storm 2620 Snow Thrower: The Storm 2620 from Troy Bilt has a 26 inch clearing width and a 21 inch intake height. This model has 15 inch by 5 inch X Trac tires.
  • Storm 2840 Snow Thrower: The Troy Bilt Storm 2840 has a 28 inch clearing width and 16 inch by 5 inch X Trac tires. Also has standard heated grips and a serrated steel auger.
  • Storm 3090 Snow Thrower: The largest of the personal use two-stage Troy Bilt snowblowers, the Storm 3090 has a 30 inch clearing width and 16 inch by 6.5 inch tires.

Troy Bilt Commercial Snowblowers

Troy Bilt also has several two-stage snowblowers that are designed for heavy duty, commercial use.

  • Storm Tracker 2690 Snow Thrower: The Storm Tracker 2690 is so named because it doesn't have tires it uses a track system, with 3 different SelecTrac Drive settings for maximum control with minimum effort in any kind of harsh weather. Features a 26 inch clearing width.
  • Polar Blast 4510 Snow Thrower: The Polar Blast 4510 is absolutely massive. When you need a stand behind snowblower with huge clearing potential, this is your one and only match. A clearing width of 45 inches and a intake height of 22 inches.

Buying Troy Bilt Snowblowers

As you can see, Troy Bilt has a vast assortment of snowblowers for you to choose between. Whether you need a small single stage snowblower for light work around your home, and you need an enormous monster with 45 inches of clearing width - or anything in between - Troy Bilt has a snow thrower for you.