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The Poulan company has now been around for over 60 years and they continue to develop and improve upon their already strong standards for quality and affordability. Poulan snowblowers are built to get the most out of the least, in terms of how much bang you get for your buck. (Continued below).

Poulan Pro Pr 121 Snow Thrower
Poulan Pro Pr 121 Snow Thrower
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Poulan Pro Snowblowers

Currently, there are five models of Poulan Pro snowblowers and snow throwers available, all of which are built with the same things in mind. Keep them simple, keep them working well, keep them rugged and keep them priced to buy. Poulan snowblowers are going to perform in tough conditions when it matters most, and they'll last long enough so that you won't need to worry about ponying up the cash for a new model anytime soon.

Additionally, Poulan Pro snowblowers are known for their readily available and easily interchangeable parts and accessories. That means that when there is something you need to fix, or when you're performing maintenance on your machine, you shouldn't encounter any unsual snags, holdups or inconveniences.

Poulan Snowblower Models

Before getting into specifics, it's worth noting that all Poulan Pro snowblowers have a 23 inch clearing height. They are all two-stage snowblowers and they all use Tecumseh Snow King engines.

  • Poulan PR524: The Poulan PR524 has a 5 horsepower engine and a 24 inch clearing width and 13 inch by 5 inch wheels.
  • Poulan PR5524ES: The Poulan PR5524ES features an easy electric start, a 5.5 HP engine and a 24 inch clearing width.
  • Poulan PR8527ES: In the Poulan PR8527ES, the tires are upgraded to 16 inches by 4.8 inches. This model has an 8.5 HP engine and a 27 inch clearind width, along with an easy electric start.
  • Poulan PR10530ES: The Poulan PR10530ES has the same wheels as its 8.5 HP engine cousin, but upgrades to the 10.5 HP engine for extra power and speed.
  • Poulan PR11530ES: The largest and most rugged Poulan snowblower model is the PR11530ES. This model has an 11.5 HP engine, and the wheels are mega-sized at 16 inches by 6 inches. It features a 30 inch clearing width.

Poulan Pro Snow Thrower Recommendation

All the Poulan snowblower models maintain the same basic design and feature the same qualities and parts. The differences come in three main areas: the clearing width, the tire size and the horsepower. Deciding on which model you prefer depends really on how much snow you have to clear, and how quickly you have to do it. But considering the lowest Poulan snowblower on the totem pole is a two stage snowblower with a 24 inch clearing width, it's hard to go wrong.